Customized Bouquet

One of The Affordable Deals with Cake

Cakes are the best way to celebrate your day. Whether it's an anniversary or birthday party, you need a cake to cope with the day. We make the best cake reasonably for you to make this unavoidable element to your home. And, not only for celebrating the occasion, but also making the occasion cake is compulsory. Whenever we go for a good day to enjoy, you better include sweets in it. What could be the right way to add sweets without a cake? There's hardly any person who may not like cake at all.


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Unique Cake Designs Collection Only on Taguig City Florist

If you need a truly unique and one of a kind cake for a special occasion, look no further than Taguig City Florist. Our talented bakers and decorators have created a collection of stunning cake designs to impress and delight. 


So if you are in Taguig City and looking for a show stopping dessert that will be the talk of the event, check out our unique cake designs collection. You won't be disappointed! From elaborate and detailed 3D creations to elegant and sophisticated buttercream confections, we have something for everyone.

Best Cake, Red Rose, Chocolate Combo; All in One in Taguig City Florist

The best cake, red rose, and chocolate combo all together in Taguig City Florist. No need to search through multiple websites or visit different stores to get the perfect gift for your loved one. Our website offers a wide range of delicious cakes in various flavors and sizes, fresh red roses in different arrangements, and premium chocolate brands to choose from. 


You can easily place your order from the comfort of your home and deliver it to any address within the city. You can trust that the cake will be moist and fluffy, the roses will be vibrant and long-lasting, and the chocolate will be smooth and rich. Simply put, it's the best cake, red rose, and chocolate combo, all in one place.

Birthday and Anniversary Special Cake Collections 

If you are looking for the perfect cake to celebrate a birthday or anniversary, our unique collections can help you out. Our chefs are world class cake makers that will impress you for sure. From elegant and sophisticated buttercream confections to fun and playful 3D designs, we have something for every taste and occasion. 


We also offer a variety of sizes to suit any party, whether it is an intimate gathering or a large celebration. You will definitely love the taste and the flavor as well. So whether you are looking for a classic chocolate cake or a creative and customized design, our birthday and anniversary special cake collections will impress you for sure.

Plan Your Special One's Birthday with Taguig City Florist

If you are looking to plan an extraordinary birthday celebration for your loved one, Taguig City Florist has everything you need. In addition to our stunning selection of unique and delicious cakes, we offer various other gift options to make the day special. 


Choose from fresh bouquets of flowers, decadent chocolates, and cuddly teddy bears. We can customize your gifts with particular messages or designs to add a personal touch. Taguig city florist will help you to arrange and decorate a superb birthday party. Trust us to help you make your special one's day truly unforgettable.